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Column Pillar

Column Pillar

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The Column Pillar is an eye-catching candle set, perfect as a centrepiece to adorn any home or special occasion.

Crafted with luxurious, long-lasting wax, and boasting a gentle scent, it's the perfect way to set the mood. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

*Colours may vary between batches

Small: 8 oz, 3x3.5 inch
Medium: 10 oz, 4.2x3.5 inch
Large: 20 oz, 7.2x3.5 inch

Please note that it’s common and expected to see bubbles, frosting or colour changes. That proves that the wax we used is 100% natural.

• This candle is made to be a decorative candle. It is your responsibility to take the necessary measures if you wish to light it.
• Spillage is normal with the decorative candles. Please, if you wish to light them, make sure that you place them on a temperature safe, steady surface away from anything that can catch fire.

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